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Our Program

Programming at the Freedom Foundation of Nova Scotia is based on a Three-Phase plan. Residency at the Freedom Foundation can range from 6 months to two years, depending on the individual participant. 

Phase 1 - The Introductory Phase

This phase is a minimum of two weeks. The particpants meet with our house doctor, dentist and any other health care professional required. They meet with the in-house caseworker twice a week. They re-learn basic life skills, set short term goals and are required to attend seven self-help meetings per week. There are curfews in place and there are no overnight passes granted.

Phase 2 - The Treatment Phase

This phase lasts from six weeks to six months. Participants meet with the in-house caseworker once a week. The focus in this phase is the 12 step program. The participants attend recovery programs and seven self-help meetings per week. There are weekend passes available to participants in Phase 2.

Phase 3 - The Transitional Phase

This phase is the final stage for the participants before they return to their place in society. The opportunities are here for studies, employment searches, job training and resume writing. The participants are encouraged to obtain their GED if they do not already have it. There is an in-house transition navigator who assists with budgeting, living accomodation search and acquisition, resume's, student loan applications, etc. Participants attend six self-help meetings per week and meet weekly with the in-house caseworker.

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